Pianist & Composer

The right sound for any occasion!

I play the piano for over 16 years now. Throughout that timespan, I've been
able to master a great variety of different genres.
Thus, my perfomance can consist of Pop, Classical, Contemporary and Jazz songs.
If there is a certain piece you like, I can arrange it for you as well.

About Me

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I've studied Audio Production & Engineering at the SAE Bochum.
Thanks to the intensive studies of mixing, mastering and acoustics, I can make sure to bring out the best in all of my compositions.

My interest in composing began with the purchase of my first Keyboard. Since then, and with the help of digital instruments, I quickly found myself writing scores for orchestra, electronic and solo piano music.

My Service

  • creating music & sound for commericals, film, games & web content

  • perfoming on the piano for any occasion

  • piano teaching for children & adults


A few samples of my work

Additional samples can be heard on Soundcloud, Newgrounds and
Youtube You can also find me on Facebook.

Soundcloud Link    Newgrounds Link    Facebook Link    Facebook Link


Anything you'd like to discuss?
Just write me.

(+49) 170-387-9985

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